Simply washing your car at Jacksons entitles you to numerous benefits such as automatic tracking of your 10th FREE Car Wash, your FREE Birthday Wash, Rain-checks, etc.  To this end, we track your license plate to provide you with these benefits.

Over time, you may prefer to purchase personalized License Plates from the DMV, you may purchase a new vehicle or even sell your vehicle but keep the license plate.

To ensure we keep accurate records of your wash history, we encourage you to contact us when you change your License Plate so we can continue to provide you with the best customer service.  Please fill out the form below to keep your information with us current.

*If you are wanting to sign up for the Jackson’s Loyalty Club (TLC) please follow this link to complete your registration: 



    At Jacksons we wash vehicles and not people, so to provide you with the proper discounts and credits, we need keep your vehicle information updated. Please provide your CURRENT vehicle's information below.
  • Please provide your CURRENT vehicles license plate information. Leave out any special characters and just include the numbers and letters.
  • This is the YEAR in which your vehicle was born.
  • An example of a vehicle MAKE is Ford or Chevrolet or BMW.
  • An example of a vehicle MODEL is F150 or Camaro or 525i.
    If YES (you are making a plate change) you will be presented with a place to enter your OLD PLATE information.
  • Let us know what is on your mind or how we can make this form better!

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